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myZerto Case Escalation

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myZerto Escalation Goals
  • Improve Self Service Options
  • One Step Escalation
  • Direct Contact with TSE Manager (owner)
  • Tracked in Salesforce
  • Trending of Escalation Reasons
  • Continuous Improvement Loop

myZerto Escalation Overview
  • An “Escalated” button has been added to the “Manage Cases” section of myZerto. 
  • The escalation button will be conditionally available and is dependent on the case being actively open and the target response time having passed. 
  • A case can be escalated due to Support responsiveness, a change in business impact, or for a request to reassign the case. 
  • Support Management will be actively engaged through the escalation. 

Submitting An Escalation
  • Go to the myZerto "Manage Cases" section.

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  • Within the "Manage Cases" section, select the case you would like to escalate.  

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  • Within the pop up, enter a reason, impact, phone number, and any applicable additional contacts.  

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  • Once submitted, you will receive both a confirmation of the submitted escalation in the pop up and an automated email message with the escalation request number.  

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Next Steps
  • Your case status will be updated to “Escalated” and will revert back to the previous case status once the escalation is closed. 
  • You will receive an automated message when the escalation has been both opened and closed. 
  • A Zerto Support Manager will review the request and contact you directly. 
  • The Zerto Support Manager will engage on the escalation until the issue has been resolved. 
  • If you have any issues submitting an escalation or are having other escalation issues, please call the Zerto Support line.