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Multiple VPGs are Stuck in 0/100% Bitmap Sync

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An administrator may notice multiple VPGs that utilize a common VRA are stuck in bitmap sync at 0 or 100%.

Root Cause

This is a known code issue with Zerto where VRA ownership is mishandled.


VPGs (which will all have a VRA in common) stuck in bitmap sync with progress showing either 0 or 100%.

Recovery VRA logs will show the following error when attempting to find the protected VRA owner of a mirror. Notice the mention of "found two owners".

VRA,SyncTask,findOwnerAsync,<mirror_id> found two owners: <IP_Address_of_VRA_1>:(d=4008, c=4007) and <IP_Address_of_VRA_2>:(d=4008, c=4007)


To workaround this issue, kindly reboot both the Protected and Recovery VRAs for the affected VPG(s).

A permanent fix is still being investigated at this time by Zerto Development.