Move a VRA to a New Datastore (ZVR 3.1 and Greater)

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An administrator may need to move a VRA and its associated disks from one datastore to another. Starting with Zerto Virtual Replication 3.1, Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) supports Storage vMotion of VRAs.

  • To move an entire VRA (VRA volumes, recovery volumes, and journal volumes) to a new datastore starting with ZVR 3.1, Storage vMotion the VRA from the old datastore to the new datastore using the "Migrate" operation within vSphere.
  • To move individual volumes to new locations, use the "Migrate" operation within vSphere, but choose the "Advanced" option to specify the parameters for the migration on a per-volume basis.




  • ZVR operations cannot be performed while the Storage vMotion is in progress and if volumes are moved across vCD Storage Profiles, affected VPGs will cease to replicate, with the following alert:


“The VMs: {0} replicate to the storage profile {1}, but it is missing the following recovery datastores: {2}”


  • Storage vMotion is not officially supported in a vCD environment until ZVR 3.5 Update 2

Affected Versions:
ZVR 3.1 and greater.

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