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How to View vCenter Permissions For Use With Zerto

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When Zerto Virtual Replication accesses the vCenter Server, it requires the vSphere privileges assigned to Administrator roles. Restricting roles On vCenter will affect Zerto Administration Using an account with Read-only permissions in vCenter, we can to log in to the Zerto GUI but cannot see any VMs or VPGs.

Zerto Permissions in vCenter Server

VMware roles and permissions are the core of VMware infrastructure security.  Permissions are a combination of a user/group and a security role that is applied to some level of the VMware Infrastructure.  Zerto supplies a number of default privileges that enable a VMware administrator to perform specific actions.  You can define additional roles and assign these roles the privileges they need.
All privileges are implemented at the root level, and thus apply to every object in the vCenter Server.
The following privileges are required by Zerto:
Live Failover / Move
Enable performing a failover or move
Manage SitesEnables editing the site configuration, including site details, pairing and unpairing sites, updating the license and editing advanced site settings.
Manage VPGEnables creating, editing, and deleting a VPG and adding checkpoints to a VPG
Manage VRAEnables installing and uninstalling VRAs.
Manage cloud connectorEnables installing and uninstalling Zerto Cloud Connectors.
Test FailoverEnables performing a test failover
ViewerFor internal use only


From vSphere Client, you can access the Roles from Menu > Administration > Access Control > Roles > Administrator > Click on Privileges of Administrator

NOTE: The example is from vSphere 7.0 Other versions may differ. Refer to specific vSphere version for further details.

For more information on specific roles and privileges, please see the related Zerto Installation Guide.
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