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Migrating multiple ZVMs DBs to a single external SQL server

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As introduced in version 3.5, it is possible to migrate an embedded SQL ZVM DB to an external SQL server using a dedicated Zerto tool

More information is available in My Zerto's Technical Documentation section under "Zerto Virtual Manager Database Migration Tool".

In some scenarios, one may want to migrate several DBs to a single dedicated external SQL server. In such cases, the DB migration tool will generate a new name each time by adding a 1, 2... suffix to te DB's name ( i.e. "zerto1"). 

We would like to point out 2 important issues that should be taken into account:

1. Do not change the name of the DB as Zerto relays on these naming conventions. Such changes could and will impact functionality. 
2. We do not recommend running multiple ZVMs from the same SQL instance as this architecture would have negative impacts on any BC/DR strategy. Moreover, this setting will result in a single point of failure.