Migrating a ZCM Database to a new VM

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An administrator for a cloud service provider may need to set up a new VM to replace the VM hosting the Zerto Cloud Manager. An administrator may need to export settings from a ZCM VM and import them to a new VM. This article explains the steps required to achieve that.


In order to migrate the settings from one ZCM to another VM, follow these steps:


  1. Stop the ZCM service on ZCM A.

  2. Copy Zcm.sdf from C:\Program Files (x86)\Zerto\Zerto Cloud Manager\ on ZCM A.

  3. Install ZCM on ZCM B.

  4. Stop ZCM service on ZCM B.

  5. Replace Zvm.sdf in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zerto\Zerto Cloud Manager\ on ZCM B with Zvm.sdf from ZCM A

  6. Start ZCM service on ZCM B.


Please Note:

1. The new ZCM must be installed with the exact same version as the original ZCM for this procedure to work. 
2. This procedure shouldn't be used in any other circumstances. For instance, replacing the ZCM DB with an older backup of the DB in an individual ZCM instance is not supported. 

Affected Versions:
All Versions.

All Hypervisors.

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