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Journal File Level Restore (JFLR) Known Limitations

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Limitations in JFLR feature Currently there are several product limitations which affect the usage of the JFLR feature.
Symptoms can be:

  • Failure to mount disk for file restore

  • Failure to extract requested file from already mounted disk

  • Failure to unmount a mounted disk after a file was restored


Before opening a support case, please check the following conditions:

  1. FAT and REFS file systems are no longer supported.

  2. FS level compression is not supported.

  3. FS level encryption is not supported in version 6.0 and above.

  4. Windows Storage Pools / Storage Spaces.

  5. In Linux EXT file system, only file and folder names encoded as UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII are supported.

  6. Non EXT Linux file systems are not supported.

  7. Links are not supported.

  8. JFS, XFS, ZFS, ReiserFS file systems are not supported.

  9. If the Windows virtual machine with files to be restored uses dynamic disks, files cannot be restored from these disks.

  10. You can only recover files or folders when an offsite backup is not running.

  11. Journal File Level Restore (JFLR) is not supported with the vSphere plugin.