Unable to Properly Interact with GUI or Enter New License Following an Upgrade of Zerto Virtual Replication

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Sometimes, users may experience odd behavior in the Zerto Virtual Replication GUI following an upgrade. This may include, but is not limited to, improper displays of GUI elements, inability to input or update the license if prompted, and general unreliable GUI behavior.

Note that during an upgrade, the Zerto Virtual Manager service is stopped and restarted. This service also controls the GUI display and the GUI may appear as unavailable during an upgrade.

Affected Versions

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Following an upgrade, it is recommended to re-launch any vSphere clients used to manage Zerto Virtual Replication once the upgrade has completed on the ZVM. Due to caching functionality in Adobe Flash, the GUI may not have completely updated elements unless it is re-launched. The Zerto Virtual Replication GUI is built on Adobe Flex, which is part of the Flash family and requires Flash player, so re-launching will ensure that the Adobe Flash player has loaded the updated GUI elements. 

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