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Increasing/Reducing Journal Hard Size Limit – Public Cloud

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Root Cause

The Journal hard size limit on public cloud is being allocated due to usage and the journal needs.
The default maximum size a Journal can grow to is 1048576MB.


An administrator may want to Increase/Reduce the Journal Hard Size Limit when replicating to a public cloud.


In order to change the maximum size a Journal can grow to, please follow these steps: (The size is an example of 2TB.)
1) Login to the ZCA machine.
2) Stop the ZVM and VRA services.
3) Open the tweaks.txt file found in Program FilesZertoZerto Virtual Replication.
4) Edit the file so you provide the below tweak on its own line:
5) Save the file.
6) Using the "Tweak Tools" in the ZCA, install the following tweask:

6) Start the ZVM and VRA services.
8) Edit the VPG (no need to make any changes) just run the update VPG task.

1. All values should be in MB (Megabytes)
2. The maximum value for the tweak is according to the Microsoft KB maximum of a block blob type.
Currently, Block blobs store text and binary data, up to about 4.7 TB. Block blobs are made up of blocks of data that can be managed individually.