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How to Upgrade the VRA Linux OS Version

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An administrator may want to upgrade the VRAs' Linux OS version due to security reasons or if a Linux OS version is no longer supported.


Since upgrading the VRA Linux OS version manually is not supported, to upgrade the VRA Linux OS version, an administrator will need to upgrade the Zerto environment to the desired/corresponding versions listed below:

  • VRA Zerto Version 7.0 = Debian Version 8, Jessie.
  • VRA Zerto Version 7.5 = Debian Version 9, Stretch.
  • VRA Zerto Version 8.0 = Debian Version 9, Stretch.
  • VRA Zerto Version 8.5 = Debian Version 9, Stretch.

Prior to upgrading Zerto, please review Zerto's "ZVM Upgrade Best Practices" KB.

To determine which Linux version is running on any VRA, kindly run the following command on the VRA:

cat /etc/debian_version

If having issues with connecting to your VRA, kindly review Zerto's "Connecting to a VRA via SSH" KB.