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How to Update VPG During Site Disconnections

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An administrator may want to update the VPG settings during site disconnection.


Occasions that allow the user to edit the VPG from the recovery site even when the protected site is down:

  1. The user can change the recovery settings before the Failover.

  2. The changes must only apply to the recovery site.

Note: Even when changing the VPG settings during disconnection, the settings will eventually sync once the sites are connected.

Actions that can be performed during a site disconnection:

  1. Change mirror datastore.

  2. Change the recovery host.

  3. Change RPO settings.

  4. Change "Use Compression"

  5. Change Network Settings.

  6. Change the Recovery folder.

  7. Change LTR settings.

  8. Remove protected VM.

Actions that cannot be performed during a site disconnection:

  1. Add a protected VM.

  2. Add a protected Volume.

  3. Any case of re-protect such as:

    1. Change mirror thin <-> thick.

    2. Change mirror RDM target.

    3. Change mirror preseed target.

    4. Handle missing journal volume.

    5. Handle missing mirror volume.