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How to Update NTP Server for VRA(s) to Sync to

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An administrator may need to update the NTP server in use that syncs time with the VRAs. The best way, described below, is to perform steps for each ESXi host via vSphere.


To ensure all VMs are time sync'd with the same NTP server as the physical ESXi server, follow the steps outlined in this article.

If there is a need to update only specific VRA VM's NTP settings, please follow the steps below or kindly contact Zerto Support to assist further.

In case the method above fails, the NTP server can be adjusted on each VRA individually with the caveat that the change must be remade for every VRA upgrade/reinstall as the change would not persist:

Note: Steps with pictures can be found here.

  1. SSH to the VRA (see this KB if having difficulty).
  2. Edit the Config file containing the NTP default settings by using the following command:
    1. nano /etc/ntp.conf
  3. Then, add the following line to the file and save the file: 
    1. server prefer iburst
  4. Next, restart the NTP daemon by executing the below command: 
    1. systemctl restart ntp
  5. Finally, check the status of the NTP daemon by running the following command:
    1. ntpq -p