How To Uninstall ZVR

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ZVR needs to be uninstalled.

This would only be done based on a Support need or customer request.  

The main reason from a Support/troubleshooting perspective is if the installation of Zerto became corrupted to the point that it interferes with or impedes troubleshooting.  That would warrant uninstalling and reinstalling.  From a customer perspective the main reasons would be after completing a POC, reinstalling Zerto from scratch, or terminating use of Zerto in a given environment.  

Zerto Support should be contacted if there are any questions and/or concerns.  


Steps to uninstall ZVR:

1.) Unpair the sites (if any).

-Open Sites tab/ select the site/ click UNPAIR/ and select to remove recovery volumes when prompted.  
Note: If there is only a single site, select the VPG's and click "Delete."  There will be a dialogue box that will prompt the user if the recovery disks should be kept.  

2.) Uninstall the VRA's from the ZVM.

-Open the Setup tab/ select the trash icon next to the VRA name or select the VRA/ click the more drop down/ and select uninstall.

3.) Uninstall the ZVM from Windows Server. The vSphere Plugin will be automatically removed.

Affected Versions:


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