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How to tell if you have an external or an internal DB

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An admin will want to upgrade their Zerto environment. In the Zerto documentation it states to stop the Zerto service and take a snapshot of the ZVM VM. However, if you have an external DB, you will want to backup the DB as well. Below are the steps to identify if you have an external DB or the internal embedded DB.


To check and see if you have an external SQL DB for your ZVM please open file C:\program files\zerto\zerto virtual replication\storage_properties.xml

if the value right under m_server is \\.\pipe\LOCALDB#SHD79E11\tsql\query --> your SQL database is housed on the ZVM under hidden directory C:\ProgramData\Zerto\Data

or if it is like or --> then your SQL DB is housed there.

If you have an external SQL database you should make a backup of the ZVM DB's on that server before the upgrade.