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How to Stop and Start the VraMain Service on a VRA Using Plink

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An administrator may require VRA access to stop/start the VraMain service. Starting in Zerto version 7.0, an SSH key is being provided for users who wish to be able to access the VRA. This key can be used in a multitude of ways, including Plink.


To utilize Plink to stop/start VraMain service, follow the below steps:

  1. Within the Zerto Virtual Replication installation folder, an SSH key file named " ssh.ppk " can be found inside a folder named "Secrets". Note: Only a user account with Administrative access on the ZVM server can access the "Secrets" folder. 
  2. Open a Windows CMD prompt in the Zerto Virtual Replication installation folder and then run your desired command using the following syntax: 
    1. plink -i <path to key file> <user>@<VRA IP address> “<command>”
  3. Command to stop the VraMain service using Plink: 
    1. plink -i Secrets/ssh.ppk <user>@<VRA IP address> “/mnt/run/zvr/ stop”
  4. Command to start the VraMain service using Plink: 
    1. plink -i Secrets/ssh.ppk <user>@<VRA IP address> “/mnt/run/zvr/ watchdog”