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How to Setup a User Account for Powershell CMDlet Execution

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The users.txt file in the Zerto Installation directory is empty starting in version 6.5. Unless populated, all CMDlet executions will fail for invalid credentials. This article explains how to properly populate the file so CMDlets can be ran via Powershell properly.


To setup a user account to execute Zerto Powershell CMDlets, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the relevant ZVM VM.

  2. Open "users.txt" file in path \Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\

  3. Specify the username followed by a tab as a separator and then the SHA-1 hash for the password, (SHA-1 hash for "password" is: 5baa61e4c9b93f3f0682250b6cf8331b7ee68fd8)

    • administrator     5baa61e4c9b93f3f0682250b6cf8331b7ee68fd8 (<----should look like this in the users.txt file as an example)

  4. Save the file

  5. Retry Powershell CMDlet and when the CMDlet asks for the username and password, enter the username listed and the password of which the SHA-1 hash equates to. In our example above, you would enter "administrator" and "password".