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How to Review The Product Version Lifecycle Matrix

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As each new Zerto code version is released, older code versions begin to reach End of General Support and End of Support Life.

The difference between the two is essentially End of General Support means best effort towards relief will be taken. However, new bugs will not be worked on unless critical. Otherwise, upgrading to another code version is required. End of Support Life means the code version is completely not support any longer and an upgrade is required first before further troubleshooting can be started.



You can find the latest version of the Product Version Lifecycle Matrixhere.

The matrix shows each code versions' Release Date, End of General Support Date, and End of Support Life Date. Additionally, there is a general explanation of what services are provided between the two different statuses outside of what was explained above.

NOTE: If the issue being seen on a version of code that is no longer supported is essentially an upgrade attempt off of said code version, Support will provide assistance.