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How to register a new user in MyZerto portal

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Generally, a user will be interested to have the ability to access the MyZerto portal in order to be able to download software\tools, open support cases under his account, or taking some courses to enrich his knowledge on Zerto.
The following information will walk you through the process of user creation in MyZerto.


The steps below are summarized in the following demo video
  1. Click on “Create Login
  2. Enter the email address with which you would like to register to MyZerto – This email address must have the domain of the account\company and cannot be associated with a personal email.
    i.e is associated with Zerto Inc.
  3. Fill in relevant details:
    1. First and Last Names – Self-explanatory.
    2. Email address – Auto populated (see above explanation, section 2)
    3. Job Title – What is the role of the user that is about to register (Storage Administrator, IT, etc).
    4. Company Name – This needs to be the official name of the company. If any other name is provided, it may delay the registration process.

      **Please note, when typing the name of the company in this field, it will auto-search for the correct company name, please choose the correct one from the dropdown instead of inserting free text only.**

    5. Company Type – Cloud provider, Reseller, End-user, etc.
    6. Industry – What is the company’s line of work (Tech, Law, etc).
  4. Click Submit – After the request is submitted, we will evaluate the integrity of the user and his relationship with the company. Once verified, the user will have access to all of MyZerto functionality (this process might take a few hours).