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How to Protect and Recover UEFI Gen 2 VMs to Azure

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Microsoft recently announced support for Generation 2 (UEFI) VMs in Azure.  More details are available here: There are some users who knowingly utilize UEFI on-prem and want to protect VMs or migrate VMs into Azure.  There are also some users who unknowingly utilize UEFI.  This is because in vCenter 6.7 and higher, newly created VMs default to UEFI over BIOS.  This cannot be changed once the VM is deployed.

In versions of ZVR prior to 7.5, when users would protect a VM with UEFI firmware into Azure they would be greeted with the following error:

Virtual Machine <VM name> cannot be protected. It is using UEFI firmware which is not supported in Azure.


The following must be followed to allow for recovery of UEFI VMs into Azure to be supported:

  1. Azure ZCA is at least on ZVR 7.5.

  2. Engage Zerto Support to apply a tweak to enable the feature.

  3. Alternatively, upgrading to ZVR 8.0 or higher will allow for automatic enabling of the feature without any manual interaction required.

Note: At this time, Azure only supports this in specific instance types.  You can see which instance types support Generation 2 (UEFI) VMs here:

The user should make sure that one of those instance families is selected for recovery into Azure when protecting UEFI VMs.  This is because in ZVR 7.5 U2, there is no validation in place to make sure that the user selects an a supported instance type to recover to.  In ZVR 8.0, this validation will be in place by default and there will also be no need for any tweak to support this feature.