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How to Perform Connectivity Checks for Zerto Private Cloud (AWS / Azure)

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An administrator may need to check connectivity between their ZCA in public cloud and the public cloud itself prior to installing the ZCA or perhaps after an installation failure.


1. Login to the production ZVM VM using RDP.
2. Use the following guide to enable telnet:
3. Open Command Prompt (cmd) and perform the following:
     3.1 - Ping [DR ZCA IP]
     3.2 - Telnet [DR ZCA IP] 9081*
     3.3 - Telnet [Prod. VRA IP] 4005
     3.4 - Telnet [Prod. VRA IP] 4006
     3.5 - Telnet [Prod. VRA IP] 4009
     3.6  - Ping [Prod. Hypervisor IP]
     3.7 - Telnet [Prod. Hypervisor IP] 443

*If Zerto version on both ZCA and peer ZVM are 8.0 or higher, the port to check is 9071.

4. Use the Putty application to connect to the Production VRA using the following KB:

5. Perform the following on the Production VRA's Putty session:

     5.1 - Ping [DR ZCA IP]
     5.2 - Telnet [DR ZCA IP] 4007
     5.3 - Telnet [DR ZCA IP] 4008 

6. Zerto Virtual Manager is installed on Windows operating systems, and due to the variety and amount of security and system configurations Zerto support encounters daily, Windows Firewall should be taken into account as a possible fault point.

When in the ZVM machine, please verify Windows Firewall has the proper rules to allow communication to go through unblocked.
If need be, disable Windows Firewall and try the connection again, whether it be pairing or any connectivity issue the ticket was opened for.

To do so, please perform the following:
     6.1 - Login to the production ZVM VM.
     6.2 - Click on Start -> Windows Firewall With Advanced Security -> Click    Properties in the right pane.
     6.3 - You will notice 3 tabs on the properties page, one for each firewall mode; Domain Profile, Private Profile, and Public Profile. To disable Windows                        Firewall, make sure you disable it from this menu, and for all 3 profiles.

7. Login to the DR ZCA VM.

8. Use the following guide to enable telnet:

9. Open Command Prompt (cmd) and perform the following:

     9.1. Ping [Peer Prod. VRA IP]
     9.2. Telnet [Peer Prod. VRA IP] 4007
     9.3. Telnet [Peer Prod. VRA IP] 4008

10. Check VRA's MTU following KB: 

If all pings and Telnets have been successful, and if there is an ongoing issue, kindly open a case for Zerto Support including screenshots of all successful Pings and Telnets from previous steps.