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How to Open a support case for Zimulator

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If a user experiences an issue while running Zimulator they may be required to engage with Zerto for technical assistance. To do so please perform the following steps: 
  1. Note the Windows OS version Zimulator is running on 
  2. Provide detailed steps / screen shots on the issue experienced 
  3. Indicate if the error is causing Zimulator to not deploy, or error after deployment 
  4. Gather a set of Diagnostic Logs
    1. To initiate log collection press 6 in the Zimulator Menu                                                                       
    2. Once log collection is complete the log bundle location will be displayed on the screen 
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When you have collected the necessary information please email with the information you've collected. If you're file is larger than 10 MB please do not attach it to the email. Instead note this in the email address and an FTP location will be provided for you to upload the diagnostic files to.