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How to Manually Initiate Log Collection on a VRA

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The log collection through the Zerto diagnostic tool may fail to connect to the VRA. An administrator may need to initiate a log bundle collection manually on a VRA.


To collect a VRA log bundle manually, follow the below steps:
  1. Open a PuTTY session to the VRA.
  2. Run the following command to navigate to the directory that has the log collection script:
    1. cd /mnt/run/scripts/
  3. Run the script via the following command:
    1. ./ x (Where x stands for the hours to collect)
  4. The bundle will be located at directory: /mnt/run/zvr/logs/ and named 'logsCollection.tar.gz'
  5. Open WinSCP and enter the VRA IP and root user name, go to the Advanced... > Advanced > Navigate to SSH >Authentication and upload the ssh key.
  6. Copy the log bundle to the desired location.