How To Manually Collect VRA Logs For ZVR 7.0 And Above Using A Private Key

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There are scenarios where you will have to collect VRA logs manually from the VRA itself.

Starting in 7.0, the VRA login no longer accepts a password by default and requires the private key to obtain access.


1. Open the WinSCP
2. Enter the VRA IP on the hostname field
3. User name: root 
4. Click on Advance
5. Choose the private key file under SSH Authentication
6. The private key path is C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\Secrets\ssh.ppk

NOTE: Only administrator accounts can see the "Secrets" folder mentioned above.

7. Press OK
8. Press Login.


Important note:
Be sure to use a winscp version that is based on putty 0.7 (e.g: winscp version 5.15.5).
To check your current winscp putty version go to winscp GUI and click on 'Tools -> About'.
Older versions of winscp for download can be found on:

    Affected Versions:
    7.0 and above


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