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How to Install and Configure and Upgrade an AMPQ Server

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This article covers installation and configuration and upgrade of an AMPQ server for Zerto to work with VCD.


If RabbitMQ or another AMQP Server is not already installed, then an AMQP server installer can be found in the Support > Downloads section in MyZerto under the name " Zerto Virtual Replication AMQP Installer ". 

To install and configure an AMQP Server for Zerto:
1. Run the ZertoAMQPInstallWizard executable.
2. When prompted enter the IP or host name of the vCD and the administrator user and password to access this vCD.
Note that the value here can be a Public REST API URL if this is configured in vCD. The Zerto Virtual Manager connects to the vCD and checks whether an AMQP server is installed.
3. If an AMQP server is not installed, Zerto recommends using RabbitMQ, which in turn requires Erlang/OTP as a prerequisite. Links to the sites to install both Erlang/OTP and RabbitMQ are provided as part of the Zerto AMQP installation. Use these links to install Erlang/OTP and then RabbitMQ before continuing with the Zerto AMQP configuration. After installing a version of RabbitMQ later than version 3.3, you must set up a user that Zerto can use:
a. On the machine where you installed RabbitMQ, open a command line window, cmd.exe. b. Browse to something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\RabbitMQ Server\rabbitmq_server-3.4.4\sbin
c. Create a new user, that Zerto will use. rabbitmqctl.bat add_user
d. Set permissions for the new user. rabbitmqctl.bat set_permissions –p  .* .* .* Zerto recommends using the default vhostpath, /.
e. Assign a user tag for the new user. rabbitmqctl.bat set_user_tags
4. If an AMQP server was already installed, change the connection details displayed to those defined in vCD.
5. Specify the following AMQP connection settings:
  • AMQP Host: The local IP address that this machine uses to communicate with vCD. • AMQP Port: The default network port for communication.
  • Exchange: The name of the exchange to be configured on the AMQP for use by vCD and Zerto. • vHost: Defines this local machine as the AMQP server.
  • User Name: The AMQP user account Zerto will use. RabbitMQ prior to version 3.3 installs with a default administrator user: guest. With RabbitMQ versions from version 3.3, specify a user with administrator privileges.
  • Password: The password for the user. RabbitMQ prior to version 3.3 installs with a default password of guest.
If you installed the AMQP server as part of the Zerto AMQP installation and configuration, the default settings are displayed.
At the end of the Zerto AMQP installation and configuration, vCD is updated with these settings (for example, in vCD 5.5.1, in AMQP Broker Settings under Administration > Extensibility > Settings.
Once an AMQP server is installed and configured, you can set up access to vCD from Zerto.
Please see the section 'Installing and Configuring an AMQP Server for Zerto' of the 'Zerto Cloud Manager Administration Guide' for more information pertaining to installing AMQP on the ZVM server.
Zerto Cloud Manager Administration Guide

In regards to upgrading, AMQP  (RabbitMQ/Erlang) does not need to be upgraded for every upgraded instance of Zerto as long as it is the minimum supported version for use with Zerto. 

Please refer to the following KB for version compatibility details:
How to Determine RabbitMQ and Erlang OTP Version compatibility