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How to Increase Timeout when Placing ESXi Host into Maintenance Mode to Avoid Delta Syncs

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There are times where the sheer amount of VMs, the performance of the VCenter server, or other factors can result in the default 10 minute timeout being reached and the VRA is shutdown, leading to VMs not being protected for a short time and the VPG entering a Delta sync. After placing an ESXi Host into Maintenance Mode, the VMs on said host will be migrated off via VMotion capabilities.

By default, Zerto will await for all protected VMs to evacuate off of said host or 10 minutes, whichever happens first.

Any VPGs that have VMs migrated should enter a bitmap sync. However, if the 10 minutes is passed, the VRA is shutdown even if some protected VMs are still not migrated off of said ESXi host, leading to delta syncs.


Kindly engage Zerto Support to apply a configuration change to workaround this issue.