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How to handle a security concern

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This article will explain how to interact with Zerto's support team when there is any security concern regarding one of Zerto's components.
Be advised that these concerns would have to be thoroughly examined by Zerto's development team.


Before you submit a case to Zerto's support ensure you have all the following required details:
  • The CVE number and a full description of the vulnerability that you suspect you may have encountered.
  • A security report that includes the flagged vulnerability within your security scan.
  • A one-hour long Zerto diagnostic bundle
**Ensure to have all of these required details before you open the case, so it will assist us to provide a quicker response**

Once you have these details, please open a new case for support from myZerto.
  1. Use the following topics: ZVR -> Zerto Components -> [Affected component] -> Security
  2. Describe the security concern, to the best of your knowledge, and attach to the case all the mentioned details above.
Zerto's Technical Support Engineers will review the issue and will examine the provided details with our development's security team.
Upon our findings, if confirmed, we will communicate the required steps to handle the issue.