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How to Generate Upload Logs Key

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This article will explain how to manually generate a unique key to upload logs to Zerto Support using the 'S3 Log Bundle Uploader' tool.
Note that you will be able to generate the key only when the case is set to 'Waiting on Logs' status.


Here are the required steps to perform in order to manually generate the unique key:
  1. Enter the 'Case Management' section on myZerto:
  2. Within the "Manage Cases" section, select the case you would like to upload the logs to and perform one of the following options:
  • Click the menu bar on the right side and select 'Get Upload Logs Key'
  • Enter the case, and click on the 'Get Upload Logs Key' for the left actions panel

       3.  Copy the generated key and paste it into the 'S3 Log Bundle Uploader'

**Note that this key is valid up to 36 hours only.  Once expires you would have to generate a new key**