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How to Enable / disable the WAN Compression lock globally so users will not be able to update it from VPG.

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When protecting to a cloud site, WAN compression is implemented and enabled by default.
Solution - the recommended it to keep and use the WAN Compression.

Still in case need to change the default:
It will be done on the machine running the Zerto Virtual Manager,
And you will need to apply the tweak to both protected and recovery sites. customer asking whey the WAN compression setting are missing


1. open the file C:Program FilesZertoZerto Virtual Replicationtweaks.txt
2. add a line with the tweak
3. Save the file

Tweak option:
To Disable the WAN Compression lock -add this line: "t_ZvmCloudCompressionNeverOverride=1"
To Enable the WAN Compression lock -add this line: "t_ZvmCloudCompressionOverrideValue=0"
To let the end-user, decide from the GUI - Remove the tweak line.