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How to downloads Zerto manager and features

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The MyZerto Downloads section gives Zerto user the option to download the latest Zerto versions, Diagnostic tools and other useful installers.

All steps below are recorded in the following Demo


  1. Please log into the MyZerto portal with a user that associated with your company domain
  2. On the upper right corner of your screen you will see the ‘Support & Downloads tab” – click on it and you will get to a page which shows various support options.

    In case you are not able to see the support & downloads tab in myZerto web page please send an email to with the following information
    • The email address you are using to login to myZerto
    • The current license of Zerto that you are using
    • Screenshot of myZerto page after login
  3. Please choose the ‘Software Downloads’ page.
  4. Under Software Downloads you will see different tabs for different ZVR versions and tools. Please choose the relevant tab and version for you needs.
  5. In case you chose to download a ZVR installation package – under each version tab you will be able to find an installation package that is compatible with your environment(hyper-v, VMware , etc...).
  6. In case you are interested in downloading a tool, you will find under the ‘Tools’ tab different tools that might serve you for DB migrations, automated failovers and environment checks
    The available tools are:
    • Zerto Virtual Manager Database Migration Tool for 4.0Ux - 8.5Ux
    • ZBlobCleanerTool
    • Azure ZertoTools For Linux
    • AWS ZertoTools for Windows
    • AWS ZertoTools for Linux
    • Zerto Tenant UI Plugin Manager for vCloud Director
    • AWS PV driver downgrade script
    • VCenter Inspection Tool
    • Zerto Orchestrator