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How to Determine VRA Debian Package Versions

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An administrator may need to check the Linux packages installed on the VRA, if they have been patched, or if they are vulnerable to risk based on a published CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures).


To determine the version of Linux/Debian packages running on a VRA, follow the below steps:

  1. Follow the existing KB article to SSH to a VRA running Zerto 7.0

  2. Run the following command to list the package details, including installed status and version:

    1. dpkg --list

  3. If the version column information is greater than 12 characters, then it will be cut off when printed on screen. In this case, print the results to a text file:

    1. dpkg --list > InstalledPackages.txt

  4. View the contents of the text file in order to view the entire version string:

    1. cat InstalledPackages.txt

Note: The status of each package listed is very telling. The first letter displays the expected status of the package. The second letter displays the current status of the package.

ii means 'It should be installed and it is installed' whereas
rc means 'It's removed/uninstalled but it's configuration files are still there'