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How to Determine the Recovery Host in Use When Replicating to vCD

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An administrator may want to know which host is the recovery host for a VPG when replicating to vCD.


There are two ways that can be used to determine the recovery host for a VPG when replicating to vCD:

A. Save the details of every VPG displayed in the VPGs tab to a CSV file, which can be opened using programs such as Microsoft Excel:

  1. In the VPGs tab of the Zerto GUI, click EXPORT and specify where to save the VPG details.

  2. The CSV file will store the information about the recovery host and other VPG configuration information as well.

B. Utilize the API to generate a resource report as described in the Zerto Virtual Replication RESTful APIs Guide under Resources Report API - XML Response Formats section.