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How to Determine the Hard Disk Number for a Volume Attached to a VRA

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An administrator may need to determine the hard disk number of a journal or mirror disk that is attached to a VRA. This article explains a quick way to find this information rather than looking at each Hard Disk's vmdk path.


To determine the Hard Disk number of a specific volume attached to a VRA, follow the below steps:

  1. Connect to the vCenter using PowerCLI.

  2. Run the following commands:

    1. $Vra = Get-VM | Where-Object {$ -like "Z-VRA*"} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty name

    2. Get-HardDisk -VM $Vra | Select-Object filename,name,parent | Format-List | Out-File <path>

    3. Note: Replace the <path> with an actual path with an extension of .txt that the list will be exported to.

This will provide a list of all volumes that are attached to a VRA or a VRA-H in the vCenter. With this list we can match the exact disk that we are looking for by it's path and hard disk name in vSphere.