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How to Detect and Remove “Zombie Disks” / “Orphan VMDKs” After VPG Removal

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An administrator may have removed a VPG as desired but also needs to remove the old preseed disks as it turns out they are no longer required. Force Delete of a VPG also results in preseed disks staying behind which may not be desired either.


To remove old preseed volumesĀ from the datastore, follow the below steps:

  1. Download the 3rd party freeware solution called RV Tools .

  2. Run the tool on the Recovery Site ZVM and view the 'vHealth' tab to see which 'Zombie' disks are present and can be removed (these are disks that exist on a datastore but are not attached or mounted to any server).

  3. For further documentation on RV Tools, kindly view this link.

NOTE: Zerto Support does not support RV Tools and thus the vendor should be engaged directly.