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How to Delete VPGs that are Associated with a Decommissioned Site

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An administrator might encounter a scenario when a remote site (Recovery ZVM) has been disconnected or decommissioned and now there are some leftovers VPGs that are no longer needed on the main-site (Production ZVM). However, the deleteĀ VPG button is grayed out due to the sites being disconnected.


In order to delete the desired VPGs, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Open the production site ZVM UI.

  2. Click the "Sites" tab and checkmark the decommissioned site.

  3. Then, click the "Unpair" button, this will unpair the selected site and will delete all of the associated VPGs only between those two sites.

    1. Note: Since the sites are disconnected and are not communicating, if the option to remove recovery disks is selected, they will be kept at the recovery site since the command cannot go through to the other site due to the disconnection.

  4. To remove the recovery disks from the decommissioned ZVM site, you will need to open the decommissioned ZVM UI, click the "Sites" tab, and checkmark the ZVM you would like to disconnect from. Then, click the "Unpair" button and select not to keep the recovery disks.

  5. If this is not possible, i.e. the ZVM has been destroyed, the other option is to manually delete the recovery disks from the recovery datastore(s).