How to Configure Installed Zerto Alarms to Take Actions on Trigger in vCenter

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Zerto Virtual Replication has the ability to issue alerts through the vCenter's Alarms feature. The actions triggered by these alarms can be customized by the administrator.  This article will detail how to configure these actions, which include sending an email, a notification trap, or running a command from the vCenter server. Starting with 2.0 Update 3 (Xeme) Zerto will have a built-in e-mail notification capability.

  • When Zerto is installed, several alarms are created in vCenter. These are visible by selecting the vCenter node in the vSphere client, selecting the Alarms tab, and then the definitions sub tab.
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  • A complete table, containing alarm names and descriptions, is available in the Zerto Virtual Replication Administration Guide or the online help under the section labeled "Zerto Virtual Replication Alarms".
  • Each alarm can be configured individually so the user may pick and choose which actions to take on which trigger action. Details on configuring triggers can be found in VMWare KB article #1018029.

Affected Versions:
All versions through 2.0 Update 2 (Wolf)

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