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How to Configure an LTR Repository in Zerto

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An administrator may wish to configure Long Term Retention (LTR) within Zerto. To do so, a Repository must be created and supplied to each desired VPG's configuration.


To configure and utilize a Repository for LTR use in Zerto, follow the below steps:

  1. In the Zerto User Interface, click SETUP > REPOSITORIES > NEW REPOSITORY.

  2. The New Repository window is displayed as below:

    1. image.png

  3. In the General area, specify the following:

    1. Name: A unique name for the repository. •

    2. Storage Type: The type of storage can be a network share, selected PBBAs or other deduplicating appliances. See the Interoperability Matrix for supported versions

    3. Connection Type : PBBAs, NFS, SMB, HPE StoreOnce Catalyst etc

    4. Define the Path. This is the path where the Repository will reside. This field does not apply to HPE StoreOnce Catalyst connection type. Zerto recommends using an empty folder when creating a new Repository. If you'd like to change the location of the datastore, as long as the Repository IP address does not change and data path remains the same, changing datastore should work without any issues.

    5. Note: The path must be accessible from the VRA, so if the Repository is on a different domain, the domain must be included in the path.

    6. In the Properties area, you can check the Set as default repository checkbox. This will use the Repository as the default when defining the Retention policy in a VPG.

  4. Click SAVE.