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How to configure a VPG replicating to VCD to ensure a Static IP but also update the virtual network

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In a VCD VPG, when choosing IP Mode of "none", it is not possible to specify any network settings. This is expected behavior.

Currently, when failing over into VCD using Guest Customization, it is not easy to change the virtual network of a VM but keep the same static IP.  In order to do so, the IP Mode on the "NICs" tab within the Edit VPG wizard must be set to "Static Manual," and the current IP manually populated. This is in addition to setting the virtual network on the "Recovery" tab.

It was perceived that this should be possible by only setting the virtual network on the "Recovery" tab, but setting the IP mode on the "NICs" tab to "None".  However, when doing this, the virtual network only gets applied to the vApp that is created, but cannot be applied to the VMs by Guest Customization.


    To be able to maintain a Static IP but also update virtual network when Failing over to VCD, the following steps are required:
    1. Edit the VPG and set IP Mode to either: Static Manual, DHCP, or Static-IP Pool.
    2. Edit the "Recovery" tab as needed for the virtual network desired in VCD.
    3. Press Done and allow the Update VPG task to complete.
    Feature Request ZVRCSP-I-202 was created to address the use case where an administrator wants to change the network, but maintain the existing IP of failed over VMs without having to set an IP Mode. Feel free to select the hyperlink above and "Upvote" the Feature Request to help drive to roadmap.