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How to check if the ZVM has two NICs 

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An administrator wants to separate traffic per NIC, allowing for Management to go through one NIC, and Replication to go through the other. If the wrong NIC is configured within the ZVM settings, the connection between the sites may be affected.


There are multiple ways to check if a ZVM has multiple NICs. The most common listed below:

Option 1 - From the Hypervisor:
  1. Login to vSphere\SCVMM 
  2. Under the VM inventory, identify the ZVM 
  3. In the VM summary tab, check if there are two IPs. If there are, then the ZVM has two NICs. 

For SCVMM (Hyper-V), you may have to confirm via the VM Properties under Hardware Configuration > Network Adapters:

Option 2 - From the ZVM VM:
1. Open a command prompt on the ZVM Windows VM.
2. Type in 'ipconfig'

1. Navigate to your Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections