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How to check/confirm the correct ZVM NIC is configured for use

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A user may want to validate which ZVM settings are being used for the ZVM VM.


Zerto’s Reconfigure utility can be used in order to validate\change the ZVM settings. In order to check which NIC is configured, follow the steps below:  
  1. RDP or remote console into the relevant ZVM VM.
  2. Open the Zerto Diagnostics Tool. If you can’t find it under the search bar, you may find it under the Zerto installation directory (main root folder).
  3. Select the reconfiguration option in the list of bullets in the menu.
  4. Click ‘Next’ in the Wizard until you get to the ‘Zerto Virtual Manager Communication’ screen. null
  5. Validate that the IP listed under the ‘IP\Host Name Used by the Zerto Interface’ is the IP for the NIC that can communicate with vCenter.