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How to Change License for VSS Agent Without Uninstall and Reinstalling

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Trial licenses expiration (without uninstalling or reinstalling the VSS agent and plugin)
 Zerto VSS Agent requires a license to take a checkpoints of the machine VSS agent is installed on.


Follow the instructions below to edit this file only when License has expired and your Account Team has provided you with a new one. If incorrect changes are made to this file, then the Zerto VSS Agent will not Take checkpoints.

Locate the configuration file
To locate the configuration file, browse to the Zerto Virtual Replication installation directory. The default install directory is: %PROGRAMFILES%\Zerto\ZertoVSSAgent Within this directory, locate the file named: license.txt
Note: this location depends whether you picked the 32 bit or 64 bit installer for the vss agent
Backup the configuration file
Before making changes to this file, create a backup copy of this file in another directory.
Edit the configuration file
Open the file with a text editor and change the content to the new license Key given to you by your Account Team. Save your changes and close the text editor.
Restart the Zerto Virtual Manager service
The Zerto Virtual Manager service must be restarted in order to apply these changes. Also restart the Zerto VSS provider service too.  Other Zerto Virtual Replication services such as the Zerto Virtual Backup Appliance or Zerto Remote Log Collection service do not need to be restarted unless requested by Zerto Support.
Verify the changes have been applied successfully
verify the relevant change was successful. If any unexpected problems occur, replace the License.txt file with the backup copy.