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How to Add a ZCM Into an Existing ZVM to ZVM Infrastructure

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A CSP deployed Zerto in an ICDR environment and now would like to deploy a ZCM into the existing environment to leverage ZORG’s and Multi-tenancy.


To add a ZCM into an existing ZVM to ZVM configuration, follow the steps below:

  1. Set up the ZCM and add the Prod and DR ZVM’s to it following the ZCM Installation Guide

    1. Note: Both ZVM’s must have the license installed or you will get an error adding the 2nd non-licensed site into the ZCM

  2. Move VM’s into resource pool(s) on source side (DR side if needed as well)

    1. Allow enough time for vCenter reflection to propagate to ZVM

  3. Create ZORG in ZCM

    1. Add all relevant Production and DR Resources associated with this VM/VPG into ZORG

      1. Production resources (VMs) are exposed when all their relevant production vCenter resources are within ZORG. User-added image

      2. Log into ZVM(s) and edit the VPG properties

        1. Change to ZORG

        2. Change from Host (or Host Cluster) to Resource Pool that was specified in the ZORG in the aforementioned step

          1. Note: The VPG’s must not be performing an operation (FOT/FOL etc) otherwise the edit VPG option will not be availableUser-added image

          2. In the Advanced section, for each VM, update the Recovery host Cluster option to reflect the appropriate Recovery Resource Pool.

          3. If these changes are not performed, one will get an alert that states the resources used in the VPG are outside of the ZORG


          4. Perform Failover Test

            1. Once successful, repeat the above for all remaining VPGs.