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How to Add a Digital Badge to LinkedIn

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Starting with Zerto 8.0, Zerto has partnered with Credly’s Acclaim platform to award digital badges to earners of all new and updated certifications. These replace the previous certificates.
We made this change to make it easier for people to provide verifiable proof of certification completion.
They are easy to share social media, websites, and email signatures. Digital badges are also portable, so if someone changes jobs, the certificate is no longer tied to their old work email.
In order for you to get your certificate, After the exam, click on "Get Your Badge" and then click the link out to the Credly Acclaim platform.
This is where the badge can be claimed, shared, and managed.



In order to add a badge to your profile in LinkedIn please follow the following steps:
1.Login to Credly and visit the "My Credit" area of your account.
2. Hover or click "Manage" on any saved badge (in your All, Public, Hidden, or Categories tabs) and click the share icon. If you are viewing the badge on a Credly enterprise, you will see a different share modal.

3. Choose "LinkedIn". You have two choices:
"Add to Profile" lets you share your achievement data directly on your LinkedIn Profile.
"Share" will share your achievement as an update with your LinkedIn network.

When the user selects either button, the user will be prompted to sign in to LinkedIn.
If the user selects "Add to Profile", the achievement, badge, or certification information will not be auto-populated for you on your LinkedIn profile. 
The user will be presented with a screen that allows you to copy and paste the badge details into Linkedin.