How Can I Run Zerto Diagnostics From A Machine Other Than The ZVM?

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The Zerto Virtual Replication Diagnostics utility enables the administrator to collect log data from Zerto components as well as vSphere components


In the event that the ZVM VM does not have the required network access to perform the needed task, the Zerto Standalone Diagnostics utility can be installed on another machine.


The Zerto Standalone Diagnostics utility can be obtained from the Zerto Downloads section of the Zerto Support Portal.

Once downloaded and installed, the Zerto Standalone Diagnostics utility has the same log gathering functionality as the Zerto Diagnostics utility on the ZVM machine.

NOTE: The Zerto Standalone Diagnostics Utility is no longer supported as of 7.5. Previous code versions can still download/execute this Utility.

Affected Versions:
7.0.x and earlier


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