How to Perform Host Maintenance Without Affecting Replication with ZVR 3.1 and Greater

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In some circumstances you need to stop using a VRA for recovery, for example when the ESX/ESXi hosting the VRA needs to be upgraded. When this happens, in order to continue protecting virtual machines that are being replicated to this VRA, you need to change this VRA so that the virtual machines are being protected to another VRA. From ZVR version 3.0 Zerto has provided a flow to accommodate these scenarios.

Affected Versions

ZVR 3.0 and Greater




To change a host VRA via the Zerto GUI, follow these steps:

  1. In the Zerto GUI, select the VRA to change in the VRAs tab and click Actions and then click Change VM Recovery VRA. The Change Target Host dialog is displayed, listing all the virtual machines that require a change to the recovery host.

  1. Review the list and select the virtual machines to change the target host to a different specific target host.

  2. Select the target host for these virtual machines in the Select the replacement host drop-down list. You can move some virtual machines to one replacement target host and by repeating the operation, move other virtual machines to a different target host.

    • Validation is performed to make sure the selected target host can be used, for example the datastores used by both the VRAs are accessible from both hosts.

    • Any implications of the change, such as whether synchronization might be required after the change is also displayed.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Repeat this procedure for all the virtual machines.

The VPG target host definitions are changed and the affected target data transferred to the changed VRAs. During the change procedure you cannot edit the affected VPGs nor attempt a failover, move, failover test or clone operation.

Starting with ZVR 3.0 Update 1, PowerShell Cmdlets were added allowing the scripted identification and change of target hosts.  For more information on these, refer to the following online documentation:

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