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FTN-20211901: Critical Zerto Diagnostics and Configuration Tool Bug

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The Reconfigure Zerto Virtual Manager utility in the Zerto Diagnostics and Configuration tool on the ZCA has a critical bug that will cause loss of ZCA functionality if used. 
Do not run the 'Reconfigure Zerto Virtual Manager' option!  

Target Audience

Users with all versions who has ZCAs running on in both AWS and Azure



There is a critical bug in the Zerto Diagnostics and Configuration utility. It will cause the ZCA to cease functioning. It is not recoverable and will result in rebuilding the ZCA.  

Actions to take 

Do not use the ZCA reconfiguration utility. If you need to reconfigure the ZCA, please contact Zerto Support.

Additional Information 

Zerto will provide supplemental information and timing for a fix and release vehicle (e.g., version, update or patch)