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FTN-20210401: Zerto Automated Billing URL and IP Changes

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In Zerto 9.0, automated billing details sent to Zerto billing servers from Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners will be sent to a new URL and IP range for usage-based billing. This change is due to part of an ongoing effort to migrate Zerto’s billing servers to a new platform. No additional data will be sent to the new Zerto billing servers and all data will continue to be sent encrypted over port 443.

Target Audience

All Zerto MSP partners on ZVR version 9.0 and up.



Zerto provides MSP partners with the flexibility to report and be charged by Zerto for their monthly usage. To participate in usage-based billing, MSP partners are required to maintain connectivity to Zerto’s billing servers so that Zerto can receive the monthly usage and provide a bill for this usage to our partners. Zerto is pursuing an ongoing effort to upgrade and modernize the Zerto billing servers to help support our growing provider community and provide a more future-proof platform to support our usage-based billing model. 


Before upgrading to Zerto 9.0 or later versions, MSP partners should plan to add the new billing server URL, or the IP range backing the new billing server URL, to their environment so that connectivity is not interrupted for usage-based billing. Below summarizes the details: 

  • Zerto’s billing URL: 
    • Port 443 is used for this connection. 
  • Zerto recommends using the URL, however if IPs must be used then the following can be used: 

Once the upgrade is completed, the previous URL, or IPs, can be removed as only the new URL, or IPs, will be used. If a user does not allow this required connectivity, the upgrade will be completed successfully, however an alert will be received in the environment indicating that connectivity to Zerto’s billing servers is not possible. For more details on troubleshooting connectivity used for MSP usage-based billing, please refer to this knowledgebase article: