Live/Test Failover to a Checkpoint Prior to a Disk Re-size Occurs with the Post-Resize Disk Size

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An administrator may need to increase the size of a source disk for a protected VM.  Zerto Virtual Replication handles this sort of re-size by increasing the size of the target disk as well.  Afterwards, when going through a Live/Test Failover, when selecting a checkpoint prior to the disk re-size, the administrator will note that the affected VM will be created with a configuration such that the disk size matches that after the re-size, despite having selected the checkpoint prior to the re-size.  This article explains the reason why this is the case.


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When a re-size is detected, in addition to re-sizing the target disk, Zerto Virtual Replication also inserts a flagged checkpoint of the format "Resize-disk was detected. vm=[VM Name], Date: [Date/Time]".  This checkpoint is inserted as the re-size event is meaningful in the lifetime of a VPG, and as such, it is made clearly visible in the list of available checkpoints.
When selecting a checkpoint prior to the re-size checkpoint for a Live/Test Failover, the OS on the affected VM will register the disk size to be that associated with the selected checkpoint, while the VM configuration will show the true size of the disk, as it had, in fact, been re-sized.

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