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Failover To AWS Failed With Error ‘Conversion Task Limit (5) Exceeded’

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There is a limitation in AWS when performing ZImport for Data Volumes and AWS Import import methods.

Zerto cannot control this limit directly. Customer performs a Failover to AWS which fails with error:

Conversion Task Limit (5) Exceeded


There are two options to avoid this limitation:

1] Administrator requests AWS Support to increase the limit on the number of current conversion tasks from 5 to a higher number which matches their needs.

2] Administrator can switch to ZImport for All Volumes import method which does not utilize the AWS Import APIs at all which avoids the conversion task limitation entirely.

NOTE: If using ZImport For All Volumes, ensure Zerto Tools for Windows and/or Zerto Tools for Linux are executed on all protected VMs in said VPG ahead of next Failover attempt.