Failover Test/Live or Move to vCD Fails and Subsequent Rollback Results in a Ghost VRA

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Storage Profiles are a vCenter 5.x feature that are supported by vCloud Director starting from version 5.1. In vCloud Director 5.1, all virtual machines in an Org vDC are assigned to a storage profile. There is also a default storage profile in each Org vDC.


When Zerto Virtual Replication replicates a virtual machine to vCloud Director, it selects a recovery datastore as part of creating the VPG. During Failover Test, Live Failover, or Move, when Zerto Virtual Replication creates a recovery virtual machine in vCloud Director, it first creates a virtual machine in the underlying vCenter Server, and then imports this virtual machine into vCloud Director.


Since Zerto Virtual Replication does not yet support storage profiles, it does not explicitly select which storage profile to assign to the virtual machine during import, and as a result vCloud Director will always select the default storage profile assigned to the Org vDC. If the recovery datastore previously selected by Zerto Virtual Replication is not part of the default storage profile assigned to the Org vDC, then vCloud Director will clone the vCenter virtual machine and erase the original copy. Since Zerto Virtual Replication can no longer find the original virtual machine, the operation and its rollback fail, and the VRA is considered to be ghost, since some of its recovery volumes are presumed gone.


Affected Versions

Version 2.0 to version 2.0 Update 4.




In environments using vCloud Director 5.1 with versions of Zerto Virtual Replication between 2.0 and 2.0 Update 4 installed, an administrator must configure the system to only use datastores that are part of the default storage profile of all recovery Org vDCs: Make sure that the ?Any? storage profile is the default storage profile for all recovery Org vDCs. Otherwise, administrators who require a different default storage profile, can configure Zerto Virtual Replication to recover to specific datastores in the Advanced Settings screen, under the ?Configure provider vDCs? option.

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