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Failover of a Windows 2016 Domain Controller to AWS Is Not Reachable

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Root Cause

Failing over a Windows 2016 installed with Domain Controller via the ZImport for All Volumes is currently not supported.

This is because the AWS PV driver installation requires some preparation that ZertoTools for Windows does not perform currently.


Performing a Failover or Move operation on a Windows 2016 Domain Controller will show a successful Zerto task and Instance Screenshot in AWS will show a proper boot at login prompt.

However, the IP assigned to the recovered instance will not be reachable by any endpoint, therefore causing Active Directory concerns such as other failed over instances not being able to contact the Domain Controller.


There is currently only one workaround for this issue:

1) Edit the VPG and change the Import Method from ZImport for All Volumes for this server to either 'ZImport for Data Volumes' or 'AWS Import'. Since the boot disk will be handled by AWS Import for these other two methods, the PV driver installation will be handled properly by AWS.

2) Instead of installing the ZertoTools for Windows, kindly download and install the Citrix Drivers on the required protected VM prior to Failover/Move from:

3) The Failover/Move can then be attempted again using a checkpoint from after successful Citrix driver installation.

NOTE: There is one caveat, however. Should a Live Failover or Move be committed as above for a Windows 2016 Domain Controller, Failback from AWS will fail.